3 Reasons why hemp shirts are better than other fabrics

Today, most affordable clothing will come from cotton or polythene. The war against cannabis instituted by President Nixon in the 20th century unfortunately caught up with hemp too. This is why we do not see widespread production of hemp clothing.  

But that is slowly changing. The aggressive efforts to legalize cannabis that led to the 2018 Farm Bill have seen industrial hemp rival cotton and other fabrics on many fronts. In this article, we shall look at three reasons why you should start wearing hemp shirts.  

Hemp fabric is strong- it does not wear as fast. 

Years ago, hemp canvas sails were used on ships that traveled around the world in search of new lands. Hemp has been a source of strong fibers for different industries. Unlike others, hemp fibers are long and can be woven into soft yet sturdy clothing. And if you think that being strong means non- breathable, you are wrong. 

It is Biodegradable 

As environmental pollution rises day by day, hemp fabrics prove to be the answer to the looming global warming. Hemp clothes are eco- friendly in every way- right from production to when they get old. You can opt to composite your hemp cloth if not give it away to someone who may still need it.  

Antibacterial properties 

Imagine this, 

It is summer, and you cannot get enough of staying out in the scorching sun. There is so much to do in the summer. All the outdoor activities come with heavy sweating after burning significant calories.  

When you finally get your clothes off, an awful smell hits your nostrils. If you do laundry after some time, the stench goes a notch higher. Sometimes you will have to throw away your fabrics as the smell seems not to go away.  

Now, the antibacterial properties of hemp clothes will help you forget such experiences.