Hemp fabric: 5 facts you should know

At a time when the resurgence of industrial hemp is on full throttle around the globe, few understand what hemp fabric is. It seems like the newest invention, but it is not. In fact, hemp has been used for decades in making a wide range of fiber products- clothing included. 

Let us get to know hemp fabric better with these five amazing facts. 

What is hemp fabric? 

What comes to your mind when you hear someone talking about cannabis? Smoking is the answer for most people. However, you should know about a variety of cannabis plants that is low in THC- the compound that causes a high. 

Industrial hemp is the source of one of the strongest naturally obtained fibers. From the sturdy fibers, hemp fabric is woven and transformed into beautiful clothing.  

Is it soft to wear? 

Cloth made from hemp is the softest you can wear for any occasion. The process of weaving the fibers into a soft fabric that hugs your skin comfortably does not involve excessive chemical use. You can readily attest to this fact if you put on a hemp shirt today. 

Is it breathable? 

Yes, hemp fabric is very breathable. Unlike other materials such as silk and nylon that are not breathable, wearing hemp fabric helps do away with excessive sweating and foul odors. 

What about creasing? 

Guess why fashion designers are turning to hemp fabric? It is easy to work with- it presents minimal creases. This will be a favorite for anyone too busy to press their shirts regularly. 

Hemp fabric is UV resistant. 

UV rays are responsible for most of the fading that your cotton and silk fabrics go through. You can beat that with the UV light-resistant properties of hemp fabric.